Você vai rir (e torcer!) no que esta nova mãe tem a dizer sobre corpos após o parto

It’s no secret that new mamas often find themselves under a lot of pressure to regain their pre-baby figures as soon as possible postpartum.

Sometimes that pressure comes from society, like in the form of glossy magazine pictures of (yes, probably airbrushed and Photoshopped) celebrities who seemingly “bounced back” physically within minutes after childbirth. Then again, sometimes we moms put that pressure on ourselves, hoping impatiently to fit into our pre-maternity pants on the way home from the hospital, or hoping to escape the uncomfortable sensation of not feeling like ourselves in our squishy, unfamiliar new forms.

But Charmaine Daudu, fashion blogger and new mom to one-month-old Zend, has breathed some fresh air into this conversation via her Instagram account, and mothers everywhere are loving it.

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