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Plus-size model Adriana Lettieri was an inspiration to curvy women everywhere, proving with each magazine cover she graced that all body types are beautiful. Now, after several healthy lifestyle changes, shes had a stunning physical transformation. One hundred pounds thinner, Adrianas hitting the runway in the best shape of her life, which is also inspiring? Even though she was already perfect before? But shes also perfect now?


Early this year, Adriana took a look in the mirror at her radiant 228-pound figure and realized that something had to change. She adopted a balanced diet, built a six-mile walk into her daily routine, and the pounds started melting away! Pretty soon, she was down to a fit-and-fabulous 130, and was finally rid of the absolutely flawless love handles and cellulite that she had been allowing to define her as as a powerful reminder that big is beautiful?

Lets start over. So, Adriana lost 100 pounds. Great. Thats inspirational. But she also gained some major confidence confidence that she didnt need because she was beautiful just the way she was, and she had been that way for too long and thats when she realized what didnt have to be done? Or rather, it did have to be done, and she buckled down and lost those pounds, and thats great, and it is absolutely NOT the message we should be sending young girls who are bombarded with images of conventionally attractive women like how Adriana is now, and its a testament to her incredible force of will that she gave in to dangerous and hurtful industry pressures and ought to be ashamed of

Huh. Shit.

Okay. Lets break this down one more time. Eight months ago, Adriana was 228 pounds and absolutely beautiful. Now shes 130 pounds and absolutely beautiful.

Heres what she looked like before:

Wow. The beauty industry better start taking notes, because THIS is what a real woman looks like: a gorgeous body that is now a thing of the past after Adriana decided that enough was enough, took control of her life, and started saying yes to fitness. Fast-forward eight months, and heres what Adriana looks like today:

Yup. Time to stop making excuses and start taking notes, because THIS is what real commitment looks like. Adriana is now the healthy, happy, proud owner of a 130-pound body that seemed so far out of reach just eight short months ago, back when she was an overweight and perfect plus-size woman who didnt need to change a thing! But then she did! Adriana is finally comfortable in her own skin and she always was and, wow its truly above and beyond, good and bad for her to have become perfect at last.

Way to go, Adriana!

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