Our lives are on the internet. We use it every day to inform, to learn, to communicate, to entertain, and to be entertained. Instant access to a world of strangers is a double-edged sword, though. Comment sections on articles and YouTube videos have become the new breeding pool for bullies. Masked behind a fake name, people find the confidence to hurl malicious filth at whoever they please. 

It’s no surprise that these trolls are especially cruel to women. Throughout my life, I’ve seen countless sexist microaggressions. Some have been blatant remarks directed at me or another woman, but the most frustrating are the double standards that are deeply ingrained into our society. 

Men rarely wear makeup, but women are criticized heavily if they don’t. Personally, I don’t like wearing makeup every day. I have been told I’m not being professional or showing any respect for myself by not painting my face. I’ve also heard men call women fake or vain for using “too much” makeup, or really, any at all. Makeup is either a tease or a requirement. After all these years, I am just so tired.

Em Ford is a 26-year-old Brit. A former model, she spends her time crafting makeup tutorials for her Youtube channel, My Pale Skin.

Ford starts out each video makeup free before conducting her makeup tips. While she never had to deal with it much as a kid, Ford has struggled with acne since 2015. 

Most of her tutorials are made in an effort to help those who also deal with acne on a regular basis. Despite acne being a common ailment, commenters have seen this as fair grounds to ridicule her.

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“The problem with social media is that people forget that there is somebody else at the other end of the keyboard,” Ford says.

With each video, Ford received an onslaught of cruel, personal attacks from strangers with nothing better to do than to tear someone down. The stream of hate seems endless.

Ford decided not to ignore this behavior. In a recent video entitled, “You Look Disgusting,” she addresses her bullies. 

“You have this platform and you can choose to make somebody happy, or you can choose to take somebody’s happiness away in one comment,” Ford says.

In the video, Ford doesn’t utter a single word. Instead, she lets the comments speak for themselves as she wipes away her makeup. 

“I can’t even look at her,” and “Her face is so ugly,” float on the screen.

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It’s the last comment, however, that really matters.

At the end of the video, Ford closes with an important message to her fans and haters: “You are beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Not even yourself.”

Over 20 million people have viewed Ford’s powerful video. While acne has made her feel alone at times, Ford doesn’t want anyone else to go through her experience. She doesn’t want her followers thinking beauty has only one definition. Since the video’s debut, the hashtag #YOULOOKDISGUSTING began trending as people shared their own struggles with their appearances. 

Rather than rip people apart, she is using the tools of the internet to stand up for women everywhere. Just like Ford, her message is beautiful.

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H/T: LifeBuzz | My Pale Skin

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