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As a male, I used to believe there were obvious limits that women wouldn’t go past for the sake of beauty, but as time goes on I’m learning that might not be the case. This is prefaced with the fact that there’s nothing wrong with it, just that some of the “tips” generally just sound odd. If you don’t understand what I mean yet then you just may after you hear what lengths one woman goes through each day simply to ensure her face remains beautiful.

Meet Tracy Kiss, a 28-year-old woman from Wendover, UK who happens to be a beauty blogger. Let’s not kid ourselves here, from the look of things she knows exactly what she’s talking about on these things, but her methods may end up making you gag. This single mother actually utilizes a semen face rub each and every day, something most French prostitutes don’t even have to worry about dealing with.

Miss Kiss actually suffers from the chronic skin condition known as rosacea, and has her whole life. For years she sat helpless while her skin continued to inflame and break out because nothing she did ever worked. Granted she did opt against he regular treatment of antibiotics for more natural remedies, and eventually came across someone else’s semen theory. Thinking to herself, “Why not?” she decided to give it a whirl.

Now you must be thinking to yourself, “Why on earth would anyone ever think that would work,” but you’d be surprised. It wasn’t long after Kiss began these (pun very much intended) facials, that she noticed her skin was actually clearing up! The blemishes and acne were clearing up and her skin was actually getting smoother; the protein must have been just what her skin needed, maybe.

After her initial “trial run” was over and the results were overwhelmingly positive she decided to continue along with it. I mean, if something unconventional works where nothing else will then more power to you, but no one has to agree with the method. Speaking of methods, she has been asked previously and no, she doesn’t take part in the accumulation of the semen she just collects the “extract” from a friend. After that she applies it to her face each morning and allows it to sit for twenty minutes before rinsing it off.

She does hope that one day she’ll have a proper boyfriend and she won’t have to worry about collecting it any more, but there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that after hearing this story she’s received hundreds of offers already. You do you Tracy Kiss, but I don’t think I’ll be running for the lotion the next time I get a pimple…

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