Post comunitário: 28 razões pelas quais que você deve estar assistindo “As garotas mais populares na escola.”

1. Because it’s blunt.

2. Because Deandra.

3. Because we’ve all felt this way.

4. Because French people.

5. Because it helps our diets.

6. Because you too can say cool stuff like this:

7. Because we’ve all been here.

8. Because it’s historical.

9. Because Saison Marguerite.

10. Because this show is first rate. Unlike…

11. Because Cameron Van Buren.

12. Because it’s religious.

13. Because it’s topical.

14. Because a healthy skin care routine is important.

15. Because we’ve all made this mistake.

16. Because who did let you in here?

17. Because forgiveness is more than saying sorry.

(If you got that reference 100 points for you!)

18. Because Mackenzie Zales.

19. Because it has pop culture references.

20. Because you’re going to use this gif all the time.

21. Because it answers life’s hard questions.

22. Because it’s progressive.

23. Because it’s gory like an HBO show, but free like an NBC show.

25. Because it’s full of life lessons.

26. Because we’re all motherf**king part-time models.

27. Because it’s like “Gossip Girl.”

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