Being a teenager was a full-time job, butits totally fair if you mentally blocked out all the tribulations that came with yourteen years.

There were acne flare-ups like angry mountain ranges, hot swimmers who didnt like you, hot swimmers who did like you, epic fights with your parents and a bunch of other equally horrific things.

Everything was a crisis fueling the grease fire of hormones and actual facial grease. (Some of us didnt discover pressed powder until years later, OK?)

At DKNYs New York Fashion Week presentation, the brand brought out a gaggle of supermodels to do their best at reincarnating the hoodies-up style we wore to football games and in the back seat of yellow school buses.

Wearing all black clothing, sneakers that stretched to the knees and thick eyeliner (whichessentially just gave us tiny mouse eyes) was our only type of control over this scary, scary world. Now, wealthy adults will wear all that just for fun.

Supermodel Bella Hadid, in particular, made the audience feel nostalgic for the age of Myspace, Escape the Fate, Warped Tour and the first generation of selfies. If only shed tried out those oversizedTripp pants(the kind branded with a grinning Misfits skull) and a lip piercing.

Ah, the memories.

Instead, Hadids stylist paired a dark lip (courtesy of makeup genius Pat McGrath) with an oversized fashion hoodie-dress combo, sneaker boots and no other accessories.

The resulting outfit was stark and serious, but still said, Hey, man, lets stand by the skateboard park after school and do whip-its.

Vogue quotes Hadid as saying the following regarding the look:

I mean, Im so stoked.

OK then.

More power to the hibernating teen goths among us. Some of them, it seems, are still lurking on social media.

After Hadid posted photos of herself on the runway, fans were quick to show their approval. Dozens of fire emojis (the universal symbol for yas queen) were left on her photos, along with nearlymore than 300,000likes.

There you have it: The hottest style for the coming year is young, angsty and wearing all black.

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